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Products & Services

We offer assistance with:

Investments/Financial Planning Services

Fundamentum – Redefining Diversification

Traditional Investing

Cash Management & Banking

Financial Analysis

Investment Consulting, Due Diligence and Oversight

Estate, Education, Philanthropic, and Legacy Planning

Risk Management / Insurance Review and Coordination

Income and Estate Tax Planning

Succession Planning

Trust Planning

We help you navigate the choices your company provides both while working and in retirement.

Corporate Services

Retirement Plans

401(k) planning

403b planning

Money Purchasing plans

Profit Sharing Plans

Buy/Sell agreements

Key man purchases

Cross purchase agreements

Corporate Employee Services

401(k) plan contribution and investment decisions

On-going financial education

Retirement distribution planning

Pension distribution options: Lump sum vs. Rollover

Stock planning: Options, Stock Purchase Plans, Restricted Stock Units (RSU)

Net Unrealized Appreciation

Pre-59 ½ retirement distribution planning

Optimizing Social Security decisions

Roth 401(k) and IRA analysis

Selecting corporate insurance coverage for life, long-term care and long-term disability

Integrating your company plan with your personal financial plan

Prepare you for the eventual transition to independence from your company and company benefits